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The Summit: Our Best Selling Hot Tub

by | Sep 15, 2022

Backyard Spas offer a perfect way to wind down at the end of the night or wake up and enjoy the sunset with a coffee in your hand. If you’re dreaming of spending quality time relaxing with your family or friends then Arctic Spas’® Summit may just be the perfect for you!

Customizable Luxury

The Summit is part of Arctic Spas® custom series. The custom series allow you to choose exactly how you want to customize your spa to suit you and your family’s needs. With the ability to choose from many different acrylic colors, seating, optional features, and jet combinations, the perfect spa configuration is easy to find. 

Optional features like no maintenance cabinets and sound systems that pair with Bluetooth will have you and your family listening to music comfortably while being whisked away to that tropical heat you desire!

The Perfect Size for your Family

When it comes to choosing the right sized spa tub for your family, the Summit might just be the perfect size! Boasting 6 seats, with the capacity of a 7 people, the Summit is 8’ x 8’. 

As our most popular model, this spa offers three different depths of shuttle seats for varied body types, which means everyone will find their favorite spot. Complete with multi-level armrests and a swivel/lounge seat there’s no shortage of variety; finding comfort will be easy in the Summit for everyone.

Low Maintenance

Traditional chemicals like chlorine or bromine might have you second guessing the purchase of a hot tub. Not only are traditional chlorine or bromine levels hard to maintain, but they have been known to be harder on your skin, hair, and fade swimwear. With all of Arctic Spas® custom series you have the ability to add Spa Boy, our automated saltwater system.

With Spa Boy‘s filtration system maintaining your spa will be easy! Spa Boy’s automated saltwater system tests and adjusts the levels of your sanitizer so you don’t have to. The best part: Salt (sodium chloride) uses a process of electrolysis that recycles the salt so you won’t need to keep adding harsh chemicals to your spa. Not only does this mean there’s less maintenance, but you’ll save on added expenses.


Chemical build up by chlorine will have you draining and refilling your tub 3 to 4 times a year. With Spa Boy’s automated saltwater system, you can relax knowing that you will only need to drain and replace your water 1 time per year reducing water wastage remaining eco-friendly.

Traditional chemicals like chlorine and bromine can cause irritation to your skin and eyes, or even a chlorine rash. Saltwater is softer and gentler on your skin, leaving you feeling silkier at the end of a soak. Not only does saltwater provide a softer solution for your skin, but it is more buoyant than chlorine or bromine, so floating in a tropical paradise will be easy to imagine with Spa Boy.

How will I know which model to choose?

If you’re not sure which spa is right for you and your family, an Arctic Spas® hot tub specialist is available to answer any questions you may have. Choosing what size and optional features you need for your family may feel overwhelming, but we have you covered. Book an appointment today for a personal or virtual consultation or download our easy-to-follow hot tub buyer guide here.

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