Spa Boy®

Hot Tub Automated Saltwater Care

Cutting Edge Water Maintenance Exclusive to Arctic Spas®

Discover easy, hassle-free hot tubbing with Spa Boy®! Arctic Spas’ revolutionary technology helps to maintain and monitor your ideal spa water conditions, taking away the need for complex water balancing with harsh chemicals.

Standard manual testing can be inconvenient and imprecise. Spa Boy® removes the need for this process by utilizing medical-grade sensors to continuously analyze your hot tub water. From here, Spa Boy® helps to automatically adjust sanitization, maintaining your perfect spa water simply, accurately, and effortlessly.

Should your hot tub’s pH value come slightly out of balance, Spa Boy® conveniently alerts you on your hot tub’s topside control panel, through the portal, and through your Arctic Spas® mobile app. At just the touch of a button, an optional “Boost” function helps re-balance your hot tubs to ideal conditions. With multiple ways to monitor and adjust your hot tub, it’s easy to ensure your hot tub is ready for enjoyment, any time.

Whereas other spas rely on oxidation alone to clean them, Arctic Spas® utilizes the automatic balancing capabilities of Spa Boy® to constantly monitor your water, adjusting natural sanitizers whenever needed. This process offers a year-round, clean and balanced hot tubs, acting as the very necessary, but often missing piece to ozone oxidation.

Leave behind difficult water balancing processes, harsh chemical smells, and irritated, uncomfortable skin. Instead, relax in the silky, smooth comfort of a saltwater hot tubs that is easily controlled, and maintained by your own, personal Spa Boy®.

Health Canada PMRA Registration Number: 32253

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